Friday, July 26, 2013

Taylor Ellwood On Identity, Space/Time, and Pop Culture Magick -Disinformation

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There’s only so many times you can read about the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram before you stop paying attention and start daydreaming about what the real Harlem Shuffle looks like. Magic only seems novel the first time you come across it. After that, it tends to just be the same concepts rehashed ad nauseum. Maybe it says something about my own attention span, but if I hear anyone mention the “Rule of Three” again, I’m liable to smash a Stevie Nicks record over their head (author’s note: I have never owned a Stevie Nicks record).

Finding a magician who’s interested in testing the boundaries and really experimenting with their practice is what draws my attention, and Taylor Ellwood has based his whole career on fooling around in territories no one else has touched. As he says on his website, “My focus as a magician is to innovate and experiment with what can be done magically.”

Taylor has studied Neoshamanism, Taoism, Hermetic philosophy, Ceremonial Magic, Buddhist meditation, and a number of other traditions. He is a spiritual coach and the prolific author of Inner Alchemy, Multi-Media Magic, Pop Culture Magick, Space/Time Magick, Magical Identity, among others. He has been a guest on numerous podcasts and has presented classes at PDX HARP and Essential Elements.

Taylor is currently the Managing Non-Fiction Editor of Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press. He lives in Portland, OR.

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