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Black Iron Kisses and #the1stuniverse -Sitting Now

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Building an entire universe from scratch by yourself is hard work.  Just ask God.  It took Him a week, and He’s omnipotent.  But a little bit of help from the internet can go a long way, as artist Sia Abderezai found when he started building #the1stuniverse about six months ago.

Sia is the founder of Black Iron Kisses, an art group based in California, whose website is a kind of tongue-in-cheek occult philosophy emporium.  There, you can find artwork, essays, and consistently revolving manifestos dealing with a metafictional cosmology which brings together elements of Philip K. Dick, H. P. Lovecraft, and David Icke.

#the1stuniverse is an open source space developed using World of Text, a universe-builder which allows visitors to edit existent worlds in real-time, using text as building blocks.  According to a block of text found within the universe, itself, it is an “experiment in hivemind thinking,” that will be played out until it’s predetermined apocalypse, September 23, 2045.

According to their website, within hours of the world’s creation, “We saw a sudden explosion of people contributing a little bit of themselves, completely anonymously through this world.”  The digital graffiti ranges from simple messages (“allworkandnoplaymakesjackadullboy”) to massive works of art, all done within the minimal medium of green text on a black field.  The inherent message is hard to miss: this world is your playground.  Play.

But even internet art worlds have their bogeymen.  A few months ago, a troll with lots of time on their hands and a worn out backspace key took it upon themselves to erase the entire work, leaving nihilistic messages in the wake.  Luckily version 1.5 is up and running.

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