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The Aghori: India's Sexiest Mystics -Sitting Now

Originally published October 22, 2013 via sittingnow.co.uk

Editor’s note: The following e-mail was received yesterday, following a deadline lapse by Frater Isla.  In lieu of an actual article, we have decided to print this e-mail, as it may be the last time we hear from him (if he is to be believed).  As always, the opinions put forward within this communication belong solely to Isla, and in no way reflect the feelings of the editorial staff here at Right Where You Are Sitting Now.
Dear [Editor],

I apologize for the lateness of this e-mail.  I understand you are a very busy man, and my untimely response is incredibly unprofessional.

I might as well let you know that my promised article on the so-called “black-eyed children” phenomenon is at a dead end, and will probably never be written.  To be honest, the subject has no real substance, and from what I can tell, seems to be just more internet mumbo jumbo.  The stories that I have read are unsubstantiated at best, and shockingly plagiarized at worst.

But while digging through the sloppy bog of internet prose, I made contact with someone who claimed to have witnessed one of these children in the flesh.  His obviously fraudulent story wasn’t what interested me, though, it was his (equally false) claim that he had spent a number of years among the Aghori, a Hindu sect in India.  He said they were cannibals, sexual deviants, and all-around weirdos.  I’d never heard of them, but it sounded much more interesting than some spooky kids who knock on your door and give you the heebie jeebies.

I spent the rest of the night reading some very strange accounts of these mystical madmen, who appear in striking photographs, covered in the ashes of dead men and drinking from human skulls.  The Aghori are a sect of Shaivite Hindus.  They believe that the universe was created in the image of Shiva, meaning that everything under the sun must be a perfect manifestation of the divine, including death, putrescence, and all manner of nastiness.

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