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Author Patrick J. Russell's House Condemned to Make Way For Baseball Stadium -Disinformation

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 Right now, Mayor Patricia A. Lewis and the city council of Granville, West Virginia are probably sipping brandy and snorting lines of weapons-grade rhino horn off of a three thousand dollar coffee table while contemplating their next act of obscene evil.

At least, that’s how I will continue to picture it, as long as the mayor keeps refusing to return my calls like some kind of jilted lover.

It’s over, Trish.  I want my stuff.

I’m an agnostic, meaning when it comes to Hell, I hedge my bets.  And Mayor Lewis had better hedge hers after the bad craziness surrounding the impending eviction of author Patrick J. Russell.  Throwing a blind man and his wife out of their home and into a “polar vortex.”  Killing their dogs if a replacement home isn’t found.  It’s something you and I would only do under extreme duress and in the throes of a highly theatrical revenge plot.

Patrick J. Russell is a writer and a favorite promoter of independent artists.  He’s been legally blind since the 90′s, and works out of his home, which, as of 5:30 pm January 6, was condemned by the City of Granville.  Russell, his wife, and their five dogs are being forced to vacate their home of twenty years.

“I haven’t been out of my house in 11 years.  I don’t know anybody around here anymore.  My eyes, the inflammation, my eyes get worse.  So yes, my home is everything to me,” Russell told Lauren Talotta of WBOY news.

The house (pictured at left) is admittedly in some disrepair . Not surprising, considering the owner is disabled.  But you’d think in a town with a population of 1,477 people, where “small town values” should be popular, that someone would’ve lent a neighbor a helping hand where it was needed.  It would’ve been a little more pleasant than throwing a blind man and his family onto the streets while the state is experiencing its lowest temperature in twenty-five years.

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