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Skeleton Key to the Conspiracy: The Eriksson Twins -Disinformation

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There’s a gang of YouTube videos out there “proving” that So-and-So is a shape-changing lizard alien, based solely on minor video distortions.  And (if you didn’t know) Paul’s bare feet on the cover of Abbey Road is proof that MI5 replaced him with a double when he died in 1966.

Sometimes, the most innocuous event can be touted as evidence of a conspiracy.

And sometimes, the evidence supporting a theory will be so damning that it will push that theory into the realm of “fact.”  Like Snowden’s revelations, which proved what the Alex Jones crowd had been saying for years.

But somewhere in the middle, are those events which refuse to be either proof or conjecture.  Events that merely dull Occam’s razor, leaving you with only a slightly scarred hunk of rock-solid “what if..”

A couple of years ago, I saw one of these odd moments in a BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane.  It told the story of twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Erikkson, who shocked citizens of the UK in 2008, when during the filming of an episode of BBC One’s Motorway Cops, they repeatedly ran into the fast-moving traffic of the M6 for no apparent reason, all while fist-fighting police and hollering about organ thieves.

Despite having been pummeled by high-speed cars and showing obvious signs of mental illness, one sister would be released from police custody within days, and would later stab a local man to death.
The motive behind the murder, as well as the twins’ bizarre behavior on the motorway, are wrapped up in mystery even now, six years on.

It’s one of those perfect, holographic stories, where a billion different versions can all happen simultaneously.  In near-HD.  A story that can be used as evidence to support whatever mad theory you’ve got going at the moment.  Screw Tower 7 and the Magic Bullet.  Just pull out the story of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson and watch the naysayers scratch their heads in confusion.

So consider this my gift to you, dear reader:

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