Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Art is the symbolic language of a culture. Like all languages, it must grow and mature. It must trade and assimilate. Stagnation equals death, and a dead language communicates nothing.

Warren Montoya says Native art never stopped speaking.

Montoya is the founding artist and owner of Rezonate Art, a company based in Albuquerque that promotes and sells the work of Native artists. He’s preparing for the upcoming Creative Frequencies show, a collaboration between Rezonate Art and Beyond Buckskin showcasing contemporary Native art, fashion and music.

“There's countless representatives for traditional Native arts,” Montoya tells me. “There's silver and turquoise shops online and everywhere in the Southwest. But there's not really a lot dedicated to representing contemporary Native arts.”

“Natives are sometimes a myth,” points out Eric Manolito, Rezonate Art's project manager. “We don't really exist beyond the Southwest as an everyday experience. We're mascots, or we're cartoons, or we're just 'made-in-China' turquoise and silver. This event is great because it presents the art as living art.”

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